5 Great Reasons To Start Using A Travel Agent in 2015

5 Great Reasons To Start Using A Travel Agent In 2015It has been 10 years since the demise of high street travel agencies 🙁 when major airlines slashed commissions paid to agents and consumers took control of booking their own travel via the internet to save money.


Today the same consumers have returned to the high street looking for a travel agent, only to notice that they are no longer there! Why are they returning? Well amongst many reasons they are fed up with arranging travel online with booking tools which have become too confusing, increases in extra charges and far too much small print. Fortunately, booking with a travel agent should alleviate most of the pain and aggravation so that you can enjoy your holiday without worry.  


The best part is that although travel agents do have service charges, overall they can save you a lot of money.

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