Personalise the way you travel

 Our travel team can provide a professional service to any corporate event worldwide with a personal touch.

TEB Travel vs Online

TEB VS Online It is fairly common for a corporate company not using a travel agent, to rely on the internet to book their travel. However many companies choose professional travel managers because they recognise that using their own highly skilled employees to book travel arrangements means a loss in both productivity and revenue. While…

Much more than train spotting at St Pancras station

Ever found yourself standing at St Pancras station with time to kill? Here you will discover a handful of exciting attractions just outside the railway doors that will make waiting for your connecting train a little less painful. Many commuters who arrive into this bustling London train station will be too worried about rushing to…

UK Holiday Makers Being Conned Out Of Millions

A warning has been issued to those booking holidays online, as it is revealed that British holidaymakers were conned out of £2.2m last year. Many unsuspecting holiday makers arrived at their hotel only to find there was no existing booking and they had been conned by booking their holiday online. Unfortunately this is not just…

Winter Wonderland 2014 at Hyde Park in London

Winter Wonderland 2014 at Hyde Park in London Winter wonderland 2014 at Hyde Park in London brings another season of festive fun, charm and joy for everyone. As we strolled through the Christmas market at the entrance to winter wonderland, we looked at many seasonal gifts from winter woollies to handmade crafts and jewellery.  Though we…

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